“Stock Car Sunday”

Remembering Hatfield Speedway

Sunday July 10th 2005……….1 P.m. until dusk

Rain Date Sunday July 17th. 

Remembering the Old Hatfield Speedway and all the
 other race tracks and fairgrounds that may be gone,
 But not forgotten!

It’s time to bring old racing friends and fans together!
 Everybody has a story to tell when it comes to racing
 at hatfield speedway. Many pictures were taken and we
 want to find out who has vintage photos hidden away.
 Bring old photos, memorabilia and news articles.
 what treasures are you holding onto?

Bring All your vintage racecar pictures & scrapbooks
 about the old tracks, and all your old racing memorabilia.

Chick Kulp claims he has the only hatfield racing posters.

Show up with your antique cars, antique trucks,
Street hot rods, and old bikes.

Bring the old race cars of the time.
Put it on a trailer and bring it over.
Show cars please bring proof of insurance

Bring memorabilia you no longer want. You may want to pass it on or give it away.

No pre-registration needed!

Food available +++++++++++++Electric Available
To use for demonstration purposes.

We have the tables…Bring your table,
bring your chair

Bring your drink! It’ll be Hot Outside!

Call: Chick Kulp at 215-699-3201
Or Email Chick at

Call: Bruce Knoll at 215-855-5432
Or Email Bruce at

Donations accepted; benefits the preservation
Of Historic West Point Village.
This event is sponsored by the 
West Point Business Association

This event will be held in west point,
in the park at 2nd st. between Garfield ave. and park rd.
 West Point Pike is the main road through the village.
 Many of you may remember West Point Park! It is no
 longer there. You guessed it? ….. HOUSES!!! West Point is
 Located near Lansdale and North Wales, Pa.